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Scheme Of Subjects

Scheme Of Subjects For The Higher Secondary Classes

Students who are admitted to the Junior college will have to offer two languages as compulsory languages. One will be English. The other language shall be from the list given below.

(i) Gujarati, (ii) Marathi, (iii) Hindi

Optional Subjects : Students will have to offer four optional subjects in addition to the compulsory languages. The college, has made provision for the teaching through English medium of the following subjects coming under the commerce stream.

Commerce :

(i) Economics
(ii) Book Keeping Accountancy
(iii) Organisation of Commerce
(iv) Secretarial Practice OR Maths
(v) Environment Education

Science :

(I) Physics
(ii) Chemistry
(ii) Biology
(iv) Mathematics and Statistics ,
(v) Environment Education

P.N. : Environment Education is a compulsory subject.

Once a student offers a subject listed above, ordinarily, he/she is not allowed to change it. Similarly,language offered also should not be changed. The college has a well equipped A.C. Computer Labotry