Scheme of Evaluation

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Scheme Of Evaluation

Scheme Of Evaluation

Writing TestS.r No.UnitStd. XI and XII (Marks)1.Prose252.Poetry083.Grammer124.Writing275.Rapid Reading08 Total80Oral TestS.r No.UnitStd. XI and XII (Marks)1.Listening062.Loud reading043.Speaking054.Conversation05 Total20

Modern Indian Languages

1. Marathi2. Hindi3. Urdu4. Gujarathi5. Kannada6. Tamil
7. Telugu8. Malayalam9. Sindhi10. Panjabi11. Bengali 
Writing TestS.r No.UnitStd. XI and XII (Marks)1.Prose222.Poetry183.Grammer104.Writing205.Rapid Reading10 Total80 Oral TestS.r No.UnitStd. XI and XII (Marks)1.Listening062.Loud reading043.Speaking054.Conversation05 Total20

There Will Be seven papers as listed above and each of three hours or according to allotment of marks each paper carrying 100 marks each. The F.Y.J.C. examination will be conducted by the college but as par the rules & regulations stated by Maharashtra Higher Board Of Secondary
Education Pune & S.Y.J.C. will be conducted by the Board.

Tests & examinations will be held periodically to asses the student progress. It is compulsory to attend every test or examination held by the college.

Wilful breach of any rules &, regulations for the conduct of examination or test is punishable with expulsion from the examination hall and the student is liable to be dismissed from the college.

Notice of public examination will be given to the students and application for these will be collected on the date mentioned in the notices. Fees as prescribed by the Board will have to be paid in full with the application. Applications received late shall not be accepted.

In accordance with circular no/SPBR. High. Sec./6 dated 2-2-1979 of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education Pune, some of the rules for promotion for finalising the result of the annual examination of the F Y J.C. are illustrated as follows.

I) Minimum marks for passing in each subject including each languages separately will be 35%.

II) The results of the F.Y.J.C. will be decided on following basis.

a) First Terminal Examination.
b) Second Terminal or Annual examination
c) Unit Test, Tutorial, Class Tests Oral.

Thus the final result of the student shall be decided on an average.
III) There shall not be any concession of ATKT

IV) The rules for condonation will be as laid down by the Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Mumbai.

V) There shall be no re-examination in the case of the student who have failed. However in the case of the student who could not appear in the annual examination due to ill health. (Strictly on the production of a medical Certificate) or such other reason beyond his control, the head of the institution on being furnished with an explanation satisfactory enough, shall have the power to examine such a student for testing him for promotion to the Second Year Junior College. The procedure for the conduct of this examination shall be the same as that of the annual examinations. No extra fees shall be charged for such an examination.

VI) The candidates who have failed at the F. Y. J.C. examination shall have the option to claim exemption in the subject in which they have obtained the minimum passing marks, previously.

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